What are the Top 5 Best SEO Article Writing Services in 2021?

The most excellent article writing service is one that can compose a written work coherently, while maintaining good style and quality. In terms of search engine optimization (SEO), the degree of excellence a writing possesses is measured by how well the article writer marks letters, words or other symbols in a way that improves the efficiency of retrieval by a search engine.

A search engine is a program that searches for and identifies documents and other items in a database that match or have a close similarity to characters or keywords specified by a user.

Keywords are informative words with great significance, used by search engines to indicate the content of a document. A piece of written material that best matches a user’s specified keyword will appear first in the listing of results returned by a search engine.

Therefore, to be defined as the “best SEO article article writing service,” the work performed must be both properly optimized for an information retrieval system, and be well formed; in accordance with the productive rules of grammar of a language.


Top 5 Best SEO Article Writing Services


To determine who’s the leading SEO article writing service, I performed a web search query by entering “best article writing service” in the Google search box. Once the requested information was returned, I ordered one article from four content provides whose website had appeared first place in the listing of results returned by Google. The fifth article was written by me. I should note, I am not a person who writes articles as a job or regular occupation.

To be as fair as possible, I selected the same article title for each article ordered, and left it up to the author to choose the article’s slant. After all, the job of a SEO writer is to optimize the page’s content in a way that matches the keywords in the article’s title.

Upon receiving the completed articles, I created 5 identical blogspot.com domains. Since it’s impossible to have 5 domain names with the exact network address, I simply placed a single number at the end of each domain name. Then published all the written works to the World Wide Web within the same hour.

In theory, the article that appears first in the list of results returned by Google, will establish exactly who is the best SEO article writing service.


1. Article Writing Source

The article that ranked best in Google’s search engine results (SERPs) pages was written by me. While I am experienced in SEO content writing, I’m not entirely skilled in using written words in various techniques and styles to communicate ideas. However, writing articles for the Web differs greatly when compared to writing an essay for a university professor.

Writing SEO content involves manipulating a number of attributes within the HTML source of a article page in an attempt to increase the page’s visibility in search engines. So even though I don’t write high quality content in regards to style and grammar, I still manage to rank first because I possess good SEO content writing strategies.


2. Need an Article

Need an Article dot-com came in at second best in Google’s SERP. Need an Article is a article writing service that claims to provide good website content that is fresh, relevant, and cost effective. Their mission is not to be the leading, or even the biggest content writing service, instead, their aim is to be the best.

This site specializes in furnishing blog writings, business writings, and search engine optimization based content writings. They also offer content marketing services, press release writing, and Resume writing. Bilingual writers are also available.


3. Go Dot Media

Go Dot Media dot-com’s article ranked third best in Google’s SERP. The website claims their articles are written by professional writers who have a full understanding on the process of writing SEO-friendly content. They also state they are a premier writing service that focuses on supplying copywriting service, high quality blog articles, and website content that is superior to the rest.

This fully managed content writing service also provides a dedicated account manager for large writing projects, unlimited revisions, and a free trial.


4. Pro Article Writing

Pro article writing dot-com’s article ranked fourth best in Google’s SERP. Their website guarantees well-researched articles, written by native speakers. They perform extensive research of your niche before composing articles, then assign the literary works to writers with specific knowledge of your niche.

They claim to have a good understanding on writing SEO-optimized articles, and use various SEO tools to write the most effective articles. This site was also the second cheapest article writing service we reviewed.


5. Fiverr

Fiverr dot-com is not dedicated specifically to article writing, it’s a global online marketplace that offers task and services on various types of freelance jobs.

It does offer an extensive system of freelance writers that help supply webmasters with unique and relevant content for their website. Fiverr.com was the most affordable source for website content.

I choose a content writer that claimed to be a professional writer, and one that had the most positive feedback rating. I ordered an extra gig to have the article properly SEO optimized for traffic and rankings, but despite this, it ranked last in SERPs.

Writing articles for the Web is more than just the activity or skill of composing text or marking coherent words on paper. Optimizing articles is important too. Before you outsource your next writing project, you might want to consider learning how to write SEO content and compose the articles yourself.

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