Keyword Research

Article marketing rocks. It is a very effective way of generating traffic. Though, many people don’t know how to do it, and how to do it well.

This is why I decided to start this complete, step-by-step, article marketing course. I will be posting a part of this every Monday for the next five weeks, to teach everyone the basics of article marketing, from start to finish.

Part 1: Keyword Research

Most people don’t realize the importance and benefits of keyword research. They write articles without understanding what the readers are looking for, and complain because the articles don’t bring much traffic.

Some benefits of keyword research:

  • Help you rank higher
  • Brings more traffic
  • Tells you what the readers are looking for.
Not knowing your keywords is like fighting a monster blind folded.

How do I do it?

1) Search your main keyword.

In my case, my keyword is “article marketing”. I usually take a look at what the first few websites are about. (This also gives me some general info of the niche, but maybe skipped for people who know their niche well)

2) Use Google Keyword Tool

Google will generate a list of keywords related to your main keyword. Now, you want to open up a text file and select good keywords based on:

  • The Local/Global monthly search volume (the more the better)
  • Least amount of competition

Tip: Go to Google, and search your main keyword. At the end of the page, Google will display relevant keywords (take those as additional keywords to consider)

Related Keywords to consider
For most people, their keyword research ends here, with good reasons as well, but I take it a step further to analyze the amount of competition.

Normally I would use Market Samurai to automate this ($149 – one time) but here’s how to do it without it.

  1. Look at the amount of competing web pages
  2. Grab the top 10 websites
  3. Look at their domain (Is it an authority? e.g. Wikipedia?)
  4. Is their an article directory? e.g. EzineArticles, GoArticles? As this can make it easier for your article to be on the front page as well
  5. Take a look at the link-popularity using Yahoo! Site Explorer

Link Popularity for Article Marketing HQ

This should give you some idea at the amount of competition this specific keyword has.

Finally I save a list of keywords worth optimizing for (~10) for future articles, and I find one to write about, which I will cover soon, so stay tuned!

What do you think?: Did you manage to come up with a good list of keywords? What else are you unsure about in the keyword research process?

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