How to Write the Perfect Intro?

The introduction is the second most important element of a well-written article, after the headline. It grabs the audience’s attention and wins over any uncertain readers who clicked your interesting headline.

Writing a bad intro is like inviting someone over to your house, then slamming the door in their face.

The first thing the introduction has to do is, hook the audience’s attention.

How to write the hook?

Scare Tactic:
Scare your readers.

“95 % of people reading ties will fail… because they didn’t follow these five simple techniques of article marketing.”

Take a common belief and challenge it.

“Most people think article marketing doesn’t work. Unfortunately, they are misinformed. Here’s what you probably didn’t know…”

Tell a story:
Everyone likes stories. Start your article with a story to get your audience engaged.

“Article marketing can make you millions. I found that out 2 years ago when…”

Interesting fact:
Gather interesting but otherwise useless information and twist it to fit your topic.

“Google indexed 1,000,000,000,000 (A Trillion) unique web pages. How do you make your website stand out above the crowd? Well, I recommend article marketing…”

Here’s a place to find these random facts: Amusing Facts,

What else?

You also want to tell the readers what they are going to get out of reading this article. Promise them a return for their attention.
Example: ‘In this article, you will learn the best ways to… which is going to help you by…”

Example of a completed intro:

80% of article marketers fail. They write a few articles, only to see a trickle of visitors, and then give up. But here are three simple article marketing tips, which can double the number of visitors to your website. All you have to do is follow them.

The headline and the introduction provides a 1-2 punch, grabbing the reader’s attention and making them want to read the rest of the article. So, the next time you are writing an article, spend some time on the intro.

Happy Halloween!

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