How to Outline your Masterpiece?

Now that you have researched your keyword, it is time to produce an article. But before you can start writing, you will need a plan.

An article without a plan sucks; it’s messy, unorganized and doesn’t flow. Therefore a plan is a necessity if you want your articles to succeed.

I would recommend outlining with: OmniOutliner (Mac), ThinkLinkr (Online), Keynote-NF (Windows)

Step 1: The Main Points

In an ordinary article you would need 3 main points, and 3 sub-points. If you know your topic well, then start off by listing these 3 points in bullet points.
Article Outline: Main Points

YOU MUST RESEARCH: If you have no idea about your topic, head over to Google, Wikipedia or EzineArticles and research. Pick up your 3 main points, and 3 sub-points, and that’s all you need.

Step 2) Filling in the Sub-Points

In each of the 3 main points, you want to fill in 3 sub-points.

Article Writing: Outlining

Step 3) Practice

It might be awkward the first few times you outline, but trust me it helps. This way, your articles are structured and flow well, and can make your articles much easier to write. So practice this a few times, and you will get the hang of it.

Once you have your outline completed, you are ready to start writing, which we will discuss next week. So stay tuned!

What do you think? Do you use an outline before you write an article? Have you found that to be helpful?

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