Five Tips to Boost Your Article Writing Speed

Many people find article marketing difficult, because it needs a lot of original content. They find writing articles to be very painful, and give up entirely.
Well, here are five tips to solve your problem, and turn you into a writing machine.

Plan Ahead

In order to quickly write articles, a plan is needed.

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

When writing articles, a plan can tell you:

  • How many articles you need to write today?
  • What time of the day am I best in writing?
  • What to do with the articles, after I wrote them?

A simple plan will guide you through the process of article writing, and helps you speed it up.

Use a Template

Using an article template can help you write quicker because you only need to fill in a few blanks.

A good online article template is called Instant Article Factory. It gives you 17 high quality, pre-spun, original article templates, and all you have to do fill in a few words. My article writing record was under 10 minutes by using this tool!

Type faster

To write faster, you must type faster. I wrote a post about how to type faster, follow that, run through the games once a day, and you will see an improvement in typing. Your typing speed should be as fast as your thoughts, and your brain shouldn’t have to wait for your hands.

Quick write fasterWrite, then edit

When you are in the creative stage of writing your article, don’t constantly stop to proofread. Your brain has 2 modes, creative and critical. You use your creative side to write, and the critical part to edit. They can’t work simultaneously, and it will seriously slow down your writing speed.

One quick tip I have found to be pretty helpful would be to turn off your monitor while you type, and come back to fix any errors afterwards.

Write in bursts

Have you ever felt like a burst of creative juices that you can’t stop? Do you get the writer’s block at other times?
We all have, our creativity comes in bursts. Once you get into a creative burst, just get into it and don’t stop writing articles. Take a long break afterwards to prepare for the next burst.

What do you think? How many articles can you write in a day? How often do you spend time writing? Leave a comment below, and let me know what you think.

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