Do You Have the Courage to Outsource?

Outsourcing is when you assign tasks to other people, and pay them for it. Outsourcing is crucial for any successful business, online and off. But should you outsource? Do you have the courage of outsource?

Advantages of Outsourcing

When you outsource tasks such as article writing, SEO, and link building to other people. Your outsourcers would be much likely to have more knowledge then you to do the same tasks that you are going to do. They will likely achieve better results and be more efficient in that task.

Outsourcing is very important as your business expands. Once your business start making some money, you don’t have the time to worry about writing articles or other repetitive and boring tasks. This will leave you with more free time to worry about important aspects of your business. Therefore, outsource as your business expands.

Google Likes fresh content

If you can produce many high quality articles on a regular basis, Google will naturally rank your website higher, because Google likes content. So unless you have the time and skill to write articles everyday, you should start outsourcing. Here’s my guide to hiring a good article writer.

Disadvantages of Outsourcing

The first major disadvantage to outsource is the cost. If you are just starting out your business, and don’t have the necessary resources then maybe it would not be such a good idea.

But as you start making some revenue from your business, use part of it for outsourcing.

Don’t wait, outsource today… But make sure you manage your money carefully!


Time: Outsourcing Cartoon

Another disadvantage to outsourcing would be it takes some time to find a good freelancer. Here are plenty of of good places to hire free lancers.

  • Craigslist Philippines
  • Elance
  • Odesk
  • DigitalPoint Forums
  • Warrior Forums

Though once you have found some good freelancer, it would take some time to teach them exactly what to do. Make sure you teach them step-by-step, what you want done. For example if you outsource your link building, then you want to tell them where to get the links, how to do it etc.

Before you give them a huge project, make sure you use a few small projects to test out their ability and make sure they are doing it right. If you think they are incompetent, fire them and move on to your next option. Or correct them, and make sure they do it right the next time.

Unexpected events

Freelancers are not like machines, you cant just stick a few dollars in them and expect your job done. You have to deal with things like sudden sickness, lack of communications (due to time difference). Therefore it’s very very important to keep a number of people in case one becomes unavailable.

So should you outsource?

Do you have enough money to pay the freelancer? Are you willing to spend the time finding and training your freelancer, but this can save you much more time in the long run. So, I recommend you start outsourcing as soon as possible in your business.

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