What is the Best Keyword Density?

Keywords dominate the search engines. How does the search engine know what your article is about? They look for specific keywords in the article. Therefore, the next time you are writing your article, pay very close attention to the keyword density. Or should you?… What is Keyword Density? Keyword density is the number of times a keyword or phrase appears … Read more

Crafting your Article

Now it’s time to turn your brainstorm into an informative, well-written article. If you can’t or don’t want to write the articles yourself, you can always outsource the writing. Step 1) Write Fire up your favorite word processor. e.g. Word. The first thing you want to do is just write. Without doing any editing, formatting etc. Because doing so … Read more

How to Outline your Masterpiece?

Now that you have researched your keyword, it is time to produce an article. But before you can start writing, you will need a plan. An article without a plan sucks; it’s messy, unorganized and doesn’t flow. Therefore a plan is a necessity if you want your articles to succeed. I would recommend outlining with: OmniOutliner (Mac), ThinkLinkr (Online), Keynote-NF (Windows) Step … Read more

How to Write the Perfect Intro?

The introduction is the second most important element of a well-written article, after the headline. It grabs the audience’s attention and wins over any uncertain readers who clicked your interesting headline. Writing a bad intro is like inviting someone over to your house, then slamming the door in their face. The first thing the introduction … Read more

Why is Keyword Research Important

Many people don’t realize the full benefit and importance of keyword research. They assume that just because some gurus say to do so in the eBook, they should do it. Here are the top 3 reasons why you should research your keywords. Every time. Keywords dominate the search engines. If you want to rank well, you … Read more

The Article Checklist: Before you Submit

When I write my articles, I always spend some time editing them Yet, I still manage to find mistakes on my published article. This can be a real pain because it takes a week for EzineArticles to correct it. Therefore, after Daniel Scocco’s Blog Post Checklist, I have decided to compile my own article checklist. I … Read more