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This is the 5th and final part of the guide, and it’s about promoting your article.

You can’t expect an article to bring you many visitors if you just publish the article and let it gather dust in the directory. You must actively go out and promote it.

EzineArticles naturally has a lot of visitors, so there will already be some traffic from the internal linking structure (The must recent, most viewed and the most published section).

But in addition to that (and for those not publishing on EzineArticles), you want to build links toward the article just as if it was part of your website, in order to boost it’s rank in the search engines, and let it truly be a traffic generating machine, without any additional work.

1. Social bookmarks

Social Bookmarks

Social bookmarks are relatively new to the Internet. But it’s a very powerful tool for the article marketer. If your article is about something the general public cares about, (technology, gadgets, weight loss, humor etc.) then you’re in luck.

Your article has a chance to be featured on the front page of these websites, and you will receive an explosive amount of traffic.

But even if it’s not something many people care about (like article marketing), it will still result in some links and a few visitors.

List of social bookmarks that you should submit to:

1. Digg

2. Twitter

3. StumbleUpon

4. (updates all your social sites automatically)

2. Link wheels Link Wheels

Link wheels are powerful because they emulate the natural linking process, which Google expects to see. Here’s an explanation of a link wheel.

You can build an entire link wheel just to your best articles, or as part of your link wheel.

3. RSS submission

EzineArticles provides an RSS feed which you can submit to many directories (manually or automatically) which should give you a boost of links and visitors.

Here’s a list of RSS directories to submit to.

4. Blog about it

If you want, you may even publish the link of the article on your blog, which can be give a big boost in rankings, especially if Google trusts your blog/website.

5. Build backlinks

There are plenty of backlink guides out there, which can show you how to quickly and effectively build quality backlinks. Target some of your backlinks to your articles, so they can have a decent amount of readers.

Now you know how to promote your article once you have submitted it. This also concludes the 5-part series of The Complete Guide to Article Marketing

In case you have missed anything, here’s it again. Go through each part and take action!

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