Article Marketing Strategy – 3 Top Tips For Marketing Success

When starting your article marketing journey wouldn’t it be nice to have a good article marketing strategy in place? Of course it would! , read on and i will reveal 3 top tips to help you on your way.

Once you have completed your keyword research you will want to have about 5 long-tail keywords that you can use for the basis of your article, you can write 2 articles per keyword to give you a total of 10 articles.

Tip No.1 – Which Article Directory To Submit To?

Once you have your articles written you need to submit them to article directories, there are so many directories to choose from such as EzineArticles, Goarticles, Articlesbase, Article dashboard and Article city to name a few.

Just make sure that you submit to EzineArticles first and wait for approval because EzineArticles are considered to be the top directory and they do not like and check for duplicate content.

As soon as your articles are approved you can submit to the other directories although you should consider re-writing them so they are at least 30 – 50% unique, extra work but will benefit you in the long run and is an important part of your article marketing strategy for obvious reasons.

Tip No.2 – Make Full Use Of Your Resource Box!

The resource box is the place to put your links and show the reader what you have so this is an important part of your strategy as ultimately if the reader decides not to click on your link you fail to get them to your offer or product that you are promoting.

The start of your resource box should not begin with your bio as many readers just skim over the bio as they are not interested in your life story, reading the bio also triggers the reader to think they have reached the end of your article so they switch off.

Instead you should write something compelling such as “Find out THE hottest way to train your dog right now” if you were in the dog training niche for example.

Also you should try and make a natural progression from the body text of your article to the resource box , this should help with your CTR (click through rate).

When making your links most directories let you have 2 in the resource box and making 1 of them keyword rich anchor text is a proven article marketing strategy that helps with SEO (search engine optimisation).

Tip No.3 – Back Link Your Articles For Increased Exposure And Traffic!

Backlink imageAs soon as your articles have been approved at EzineArticles you will re-write them as mentioned previously ready to submit to the other directories, it is good practice to link from these articles back to your EzineArticle which will provide it with juicy back links.

These back links will be of high quality as all of the articles will be closely related and based around the same niche, providing you have used low competition keywords these back links may be enough to rank your EzineArticle on the first page of search results in Google.

Not only will you receive traffic from the directory but you will also receive traffic from search engines as well which is great for exposure.

Now you have learnt which article directory is most important to submit to first and why, how to make full use of the resource box and how to increase your exposure with back links, you have every thing that you need to implement an effective article marketing strategy.

What do you think? What article marketing strategy do you use? May be you have something to add?

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