Article Marketing Robot Review -Answer To Your Prayers?

Article Marketing Robot is a tool that i use every day, i am not saying that you can’t be with out it because you can but lets just say it makes things a little easier.

Could Article Marketing Robot be the solution for automation and the answer to your prayers? I think so and so do many others but don’t take my word for it you need to check out exactly what it can do for you and make that choice for your self.

Article Marketing Robot Review Of What Makes It So Special

  • Scheduled Article Submission

The ability to drip feed your articles with the use of scheduled submission is great because it looks natural to the search engines and once you have loaded your articles you can set and forget with the knowledge that they will be submitted.

  • Intelligent Article Spinner

Article Marketing Robot’s spinner sorts synonyms by definition so you will no longer have to sift through hundreds of words that do not have the same meaning of your chosen phrase or word.

Previous synonym groups are saved so that you can mass replace the same word through out your article which saves time and is a neat feature. Making sure your articles are unique is very important as Google and other search engines will love you for it and index you for the same keyword a lot higher than some body else who has duplicate content.

  • Captcha Solving

Article Marketing Robot automatically solves Captcha for you, this means that when the article is submitted you are no longer required to input the funny little texts and simple math questions that you would normally have to do, this saves time and means that you can truly have a set and forget submission tool.

Final Words On Article Marketing Robot

I am not going to say much more about it because i may face the danger of creating too much hype and sounding like a real sales pitch, that is not my aim.

When i come across a product or service that i use my self and know to bring results i don’t mind recommending them, again i will state that you do not need Article Marketing Robot to be successful but if a little time saving and help with the management of your article marketing sounds like a nice benefit to have for your IM arsenal then you may like to check it out with their free trial they are running at the minute, that way if you don’t like it you have lost nothing.

What do you think? May be you use Article Marketing Robot, what is your view? Do you benefit from the features?

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