Article Marketing Business Model – Good For Business?

When it comes to the world of Internet Marketing there are many different methods to get to the same result – TRAFFIC – when you have traffic as long as it is targeted to your niche you stand a good chance of making a sale or gaining a subscriber, your whole mission.

The article marketing business model has proved its self time and time again, many are earning a full time living on the internet off the back of article marketing alone, and when you know what you are doing it can be very effective.

So What Is An Effective Article Marketing Business Model?

As long as you have performed the correct keyword research and you have made sure that your article is properly optimized then you can be sure that it will be found and ranked in the search engines, you will receive traffic both from the search engines and from the article directory especially if you have submitted to EzineArticles which you should have done!.

You should backlink your EzineArticle’s article by writing more articles around different keywords and submit them to other directories, then linking back to the EzineArticle content.

By doing this you are going to push your EzineArticle up in the ranks which should provide you with more traffic and what doe’s traffic mean? More sales!

Why Is The Article Marketing Business Model So Good?

When starting out in the Internet Marketing game it can be very daunting and often times you can find your self with information over load.

I would say for newbies that article marketing is a great place to start as –

  • You can start without a website
  • No investment needed
  • Fairly easy to learn
  • The work you do today can pay you for years to come, but with PPC etc.., when you stop the campaign the traffic stops.
  • You can perfect your copy writing which will come in handy in the future
  • You can learn at your own pace with out too much information over load

Many start article marketing and once they have found some good keywords they scale up their campaigns by entering in to the world of PPCi think this is a great idea as it can be low cost and low risk as you will already know which keywords will bring you conversions because of the results you will have gained from the article marketing business model.

So as you can see article marketing can be very effective and is great when you are just getting started, you have already started on the right path because you found Article Marketing HQ!  ;-)

What do you think? What are your thoughts about the article marketing business model? May be you have an effective model?

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