Are Linkwheels Worth the Trouble?

95% percent of people who tries to create a link wheel will fail, because they aren’t organized or persistent. But for those who are successful, the benefits of the link wheel are great!

A link wheel is basically a bunch of sites interlinking to each other, layer after layer and finally to the website where the marketer is focusing on. A link wheel ensures that all the link juice from each page are passed down to your website.

A Typical Link Wheel

In this basic link wheel, all the link power from the first layer of sites (the social bookmarks), are passed down to the next layer (Web 2.0 sites like, Blogger etc.). These layer 2 pages are linked to layer 3 (the articles), which finally passes all the power to your website.

Do link wheels work?

Yes and No. Why?
A link wheel simulates the natural linking pattern. If Google sees that your website is naturally popular without much marketing, they will rank it higher in the SERPS. Due to all the pages interlinking to each other, the majority of the “link juice” ends up on your website, which propels it to the top of the result page.

WARNING: A link wheel is considered Gray Hat.

Are link wheels right for me?

Are you persistent?
Are you organized?

Link wheels are a lot of work. Think about all the pages, articles, and bookmarks you have to create in order to establish this link wheel. For most people (myself included), it’s too much of a challenge.

Another downside of link wheeling is that you must be super organized. You must record the URL’s for all the web pages that is going to be part of your wheel, and randomly rotate them as you are creating new content. If you mess this up, the whole link wheel is ruined. Therefore, link wheels are for hyper-organized people.

Link wheels, used properly, can help any website rank very well in the search engines. This tool, should only be used by people who are persistent and organized. Therefore, it’s up to you to decide whether you should go the extra mile creating a good link wheel; or rather submit a couple more articles to the directories.

P.S. If you are really lazy to create a link wheel by yourself, you can always outsource the process to a professional SEO company, who probably will do a much better job then you.

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