7 Steps in Writing a Definition Essay Professionally In 2021

A definition essay is one of the common essays that the modern student is assigned on. It is subsequently astute to having dexterity in writing a definition essay is not only astute but a necessity. This article will give you the basic nuggets of wisdom that will see you excel in writing a definition essay.

Step 1: Understanding a definition essay

A definition essay is a piece of writing that makes up or establishes the character of a subject by describing its meaning based on its term, class and its characteristics.

Step 2: Selecting your topic

  • Select your topic based on your own need to clarify the subject
  • Select a topic that you have in-depth details on the same
  • Your topic must not be too broad or too narrow to fit the parameters of your essay
  • Your topic must be interesting both to you and to your audience

Step 3: writing an outline

Write an outline of your definition essay. An outline helps you highlight the major points that you will need to write in your essay.

Step 4: The introduction

Your introduction must be an attention grabber. This will naturally captivate your readers to read the rest of your essay. It is astute to include a traditional or dictionary definition to provide basis for your personal definition. One approach to write an audience grabber is to have a contradictory description to your intended idea.

Step 5: Thesis

  • Your thesis basically states how you will define your subject
  • Write a clear and concise thesis
  • Have confidence in your thesis to build trust with your readers
  • Keep it in mind that when writing a definition essay, you are not compelled to give the background of your essay as it is in cases of other essays.

Step 5: The body

  • Define your subject
  • Give an example to illustrate the given point and give the analysis of how the example illustrates the point
  • Write your paragraphs based on your outline’s point
  •  Use good specific examples to illustrate each point
  • Provide good transitions to link your essay
  • Allow your audience to visualize how the definition can be applied
  • You must carry out a compressive research on your examples before illustrating them. This helps you relate your example to your description correctly
  • Ensure to punctuate your work
  • Cite your work to combat with plagiarism

Step 6: Conclusion

Your conclusion basically reviews your essay. It is astute to have an attention grabber when writing your conclusion to leave a lasting impression to your readers.  You can achieve this by writing a cal for action, food for thought  or a long lasting impression. Bring the parts of the definition together leaving your reader with an image the definition is applied

Step 7: Edit

Edit your essay after taking a break for two days. Make sure that your paper does not have any grammatical errors.

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