5 Myths about Long Tail Keywords

Long tail keywords are keywords which are long. These keywords are great for driving highly targeted traffic because they usually have little competition and can bring in lots of traffic if used properly.

For example: Long tail keyword: “how to find long tail keywords”. Generic (short-tailed) keyword: “keywords”.

1) Long tail keywords won’t bring you much traffic.

This is true in a way that less people search for long tail keywords like “the best dog training in Detroit” then generic keywords like”dog training”, but the fact is you will profit more from these long tail keywords.

This is because these keywords bring in customers looking for something specific. This will mean a much higher conversion rate because you obviously have something that the customer are specifically looking for.

2) Long Tail Keywords aren’t worth the trouble

False. Long tail keywords are like little gold nuggets, which can add up to a pot of gold.

Recent research shows long-tail keywords has a higher conversion rate by up to 200% compared to generic keywords, which can be extremely profitable to internet marketers. – Wikipedia

3) Long tail keywords are for established websites

False. Long tail keywords works great for any type of website/blog/articles.

This is because of the little competition that these keywords have, which means you can secure your #1 spot with just a little on-page and off-page optimization. Once you get that spot, it will consistently bring you targeted traffic with no additional work.

Amount of searches for Long Tail Keywords

Long tail keywords are definitely worth your time

4) 1 Long tail keyword per piece of content

False. This is one of the benefits of targeting long tail keywords. Because the keyword has a low competition, you can rank more then one keyword with one piece of content (article, blog post, web page etc.).

For example, this blog post, which focuses on long tail keywords, can target both “how to find long tail keywords” and “long tail keywords search”. All I have to do is build links with these anchor texts, and optimize the page a bit, and it can easily get #1 on both keywords.

5) Only focus on long tail keywords.

False. Long tail keywords can’t compare to the amount of traffic with more generic keywords.

The best thing to do would be to rank for 1 or 2 generic keywords, and then supplement with long tail keywords on every piece of content. This way, your website will receive quite a decent amount of traffic, as well as targeted visitors.

So there you have it, 5 common myths about long tail keywords. Remember long tail keywords should only be part of your overall keyword research process and not all of it. Once you try to optimize your content pages for these valuable long tail keywords, you will be much closer to success.

What do you think?: Have you tried optimizing for long tail keywords? Any success? How do you find those long tail keywords?

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